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SBU makes changes to commuter parking plans

On Sept. 8, Stony Brook University officially removed the waitlist to purchase Commuter Premium Permits for commuter students looking to park on Stony Brook’s main campus. Read the full story here!

Increased SUNY funding allows for a diversified campus

Stony Brook University will use newly expanded SUNY funding to diversify the student body and school faculty.Read the full story here!

Newly renovated SINC site open for fall semester

On Aug. 22, the newly renovated Main Library SINC Site on the first floor of the Frank Melville Jr. Memorial Library opened for the fall 2022 semester.  Read the full story here!

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Stony Brook Athletics trying to boost fanbase with new app

With the new school year now in full swing, students are looking for the best way to experience all that the Stony Brook campus has to offer. Luckily, there is a new digital tool at their disposal that can help improve their stay on campus this semester.  Read the full story here!

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The Rewriting connects students with social activism

Audrey Fernandez, a senior at Stony Brook University, developed a website and social media platform called The Rewriting to bring attention to the struggles and joys of the Black community and to boost Black creators and innovators. Read the full story here!

“Weekly Ice Melts” art installation offers interactive look at climate change

Open from July 21 to Oct. 29, the group exhibition “Connecting the Drops: The Power of Water” is on display at the Paul W. Zuccaire Gallery. It showcases the work of seven female artists focusing on environmental justice and using water as a figure element in their projects to exhibit its vital role in the world. Read the full story here!

SBU welcomes fall with Mid-Autumn Festival traditions

As fall quickly approaches, Stony Brook University is gearing up for the upcoming season in its dining halls. Read the full story here!

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Campus parking: Zero to $112 in one semester

Stony Brook University changes the parking situation nearly every semester. Living in Chavez or Tubman Hall last spring showed anyone who resided there who the real priority at this university is: the faculty. Read the full story here!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-year, transfer or returning student; we’re living in a society that some are already referring to as post-COVID. However, we also need to think about what COVID has taught us and how to carry those lessons with us. Read the full story here!

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