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Ranked choice voting can solve the two-party system’s issues

For a capitalist country that promotes choice in its consumers — whether it’s an ice cream flavor or brands of allergy medication — the lack of choice in our nation’s representatives should be causing outrage across the aisle. New York stands to benefit from an alternative political system called ranked-choice voting (RCV), which can offer solutions to the state’s problems. Read the full story here!

Voting access needs to be improved across the U.S.

Some states continue to suppress voters with restrictive bills limiting access to mail and absentee voting. Since every American experiences the voting process differently, not every single law works for everyone. At the same time, there are ways to improve voting access across the United States.Read the full story here!

Let’s face it: Trump’s coming back (in spirit)

I wish most of this piece was providing an analytical, foolproof nail in Donald Trump’s coffin, getting him away from our political scene once and for all. I wish I could say all of the candidates Trump endorsed this year lost tremendously, or that the policies he ran on in 2016 and 2020 are no longer popular in 2022. However, candidates who impersonate his rhetoric usually make it to the general election, clearly indicating that the seven years Trump has been relevant aren’t a temporary stint. Read the full story here!

New York should be preparing for the “red wave”

I recently spoke with Stony Brook College Republicans President Sara Adcock about her thoughts on the upcoming midterm elections. Read the full story here!


House candidates in 2022 midterm elections

The incumbent representative for New York’s 1st District, Republican Lee Zeldin, is currently running for governor of New York. This leaves the seat open for two new candidates: Democratic nominee Bridget Fleming and Republican nominee Nick LaLota. Read the full story here!

Stony Brook students scramble to finalize voting decisions

With the 2022 midterm elections swiftly approaching, Stony Brook University is ramping up its efforts to promote voter participation among students. Read the full story here!

Midterm elections could hinge on four Long Island congressional races

In the past year, the Taliban fortified its control over Afghanistan, gas prices spiked amid a Russian incursion into Ukraine and inflation climbed to historic highs. Read the full story here!

Center for Civic Justice hosts community dialogue to prepare students for midterm elections

The Center for Civic Justice (CCJ) hosted its first community dialogue of the semester to inform students about the upcoming midterm elections and the national debt issue.  Read the full story here!

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